Organics and Gold is One of Kind, raising the bar for great Canadian Organic Mustard. Dedicated to Canadian farmers, we manufacture prepared mustards that are unsurpassed in the "world of organics". Made in small batches there are Ten unique flavours to choose from: Lime and Honey, Garlic, Smoked Maple Horseradish Mustard, Dill, Whole Grain, Orange and Ginger,Whiskey Mustard, Herbes de Provence  and Yellow seeded Classic mustard. These mustard seeds come from Canadian farmers that provide ethically grown and traded foods, 100% Certified Organic and Fair Deal grains. To my knowledge Organics and Gold is one of the only companies using fair deal organic mustard seed.

Primary Materials
Have you thought about what is in your mustard? With Organic Gold Mustard, you will not have to worry about artificial flavorings, colorants or harmful additives.  Organic Mustard seed, Organic vinegar, spices, honey and maple syrup are the simple ingredients that go into making Organic Gold Mustard. The mustard seed is provided by Certified Organic Fair Trade family farms that are Organic and ethically grown in Western Canada.