Natalie Kessler's story and personal message: As the founder of Organics and Gold, I make it my goal to give you the best tasting, highest quality mustard with unique flavours. As a Canadian manufacturer it is a privilege to use ORGANIC  mustard seeds  ethically grown in Western Canada. Experience delicious mustard with unique tastes and Celebrate Mustard with us.


Why is the mustard not pressure sealed?
Organic gold mustard does not need to be pressure sealed as it is a raw product.

What is the shelf life of mustard?
Quality, freshness and flavour are top priorities at Organics and Gold Mustard. You have a best before date on the bottle. This is not an expiration date, The date stamped on the bottom of the bottle is the date by which we recommend that you use the product in order to ensure its optimal flavour, freshness and quality. The product will generally maintain good flavour quality for two to three months after that date if refrigerated.

Is there fat in mustard?
There is no fat in mustard.

Is mustard gluten free?
Organic Gold Mustard is gluten free.

Where can I buy Organics and Gold mustard?
List of suppliers (to come)
Place an online order at

Local Pick up available in Toronto

What are your Shipping & Return policies?
Shipping Policy: We send all our orders via Canada Post expedited parcel delivery. Toronto 1 to 5 day delivery time Nationally 5 to 10 days delivery time.
Return Policy: Every customer must be 100% satisfied. If there is any problem with your order, please contact us directly at 416.858.1959 We will do our best to resolve the issue.


“We first discovered this amazing mustard company at the 2012 One of a Kind Christmas Show, and, were immediately hooked. We love our mustard, with a lot of flavour and just the right amount of kick, which is exactly what we get in our favourite Organic Gold Mustards. Made in small batches, you are likely to find your new favourite mustard in one of the 8 flavours they produce. To boot, mustard is very distinctly Canadian. Did you know that Canada grows 95% of the world’s mustard? How is that for a trivia question? Natalie, the owner, gave us an inside secret that another mustard based product may be in the works. Can’t wait to see.”

 -Foodies on Foot